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Research and Campaigns

Welcome to the Research & Campaigns page! This is where we update you on both national and local campaigns.

Local campaigns are what Wyre Forest Citizens Advice are carrying out. They change each month, though some can be on-going depending on the subject. Whilst an issue may be specific to a local area, it still helps national Citizens Advice gauge an idea of what issues are affecting small towns, and contribute to the bigger picture and therefore influences change.



Local campaigns
Current: Mental health and Practical Problems
This is part of the national campaign Citizens Advice is running following their research that found:

So we are looking to connect with communities to address this and how we can integrate advice in mental health settings.

We had a cold few months so looked at how to help people stay warm by telling them about benefits, grants and help from their energy supplier. This was a rather successful campaign as we had many who we helped save money, from applying to warm Home Discount to switching supplier.

Mental Health and Practical Problems
As you will have read above we are looking at this locally, but national CAB state their aims:

  • We want to influence the Department of Health to fund a pilot of integrated advice in primary mental health care settings by the end of the financial year.
  • We will be carrying out research to understand the additional difficulties having a mental health problem can cause across the areas we give advice. This will include work on debt, benefits and essential services.

Fixing Universal Credit

'Last year, working as one service, we achieved important changes for people [such as removing the 7 day waiting period]. We are now shifting our focus to make sure Universal Credit works for low-income working families.'

  • 8 out of 10 mental health staff said that dealing with a patient's practical issues left them with less clinical time to treat their mental health issues.
  • The most common problems mental health staff are assisting with are debt and money problems, unemployment and work, housing and welfare.


If you have interest in or have been affected by any of the above campaigns, please get in touch:

If it is regarding the national campaigns, it may be best to use the provided links.