We're Here

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


The coronavirus has had a severe impact on all services and businesses nationally. This has been a double blow for many people who are only just starting to recover from the flooding.

We’d like to let you know that although our office is shut, we are still delivering our advice service across Wyre Forest through phone and email.

Our volunteers and staff are working from home offering the same quality of advice and help needed. For those requiring help with forms, we can talk through how to fill in the form and if needed, talk further with our specialist benefit adviser. This service, alongside specialist housing and debt services, are also still running.

We’re seeing a lot of queries about work, as many employers are laying off staff, so if you need advice about being ‘furlonged’ and what it is, give us a call, or see below for information – the government website is the place to be for the most up to date info:



You may also need to claim benefits. See if you're eligible for Universal Credit or, if you've worked enough in the last 2 years, Job-Seekers Allowance based on your national insurance ('new-style JSA;):



New guidance is coming out all the time, so take a look at gov.uk or our website when you can:



We’re also coordinating with the food bank, and have a new system of ‘contactless’ referrals to help people obtain emergency vouchers if they have no other way of getting food. The food banks have been overran with requests so if you have applied for a food voucher, please bear with them.


Our contact methods:

  • Our AdviceLine: 03444 111 444
  • Our email service: http://wyreforestcab.org.uk/clone-enquiry-form


If you are not answered immediately do bear with us, we are answering as many people as we can.


Remember to keep your social distance and stay indoors - the more we do it the quicker this should be over!

Stay safe