Rogers Rants - Part 9

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My friend has just had a telephone call from a guy claiming to be from the Citizens advice, he asked for me by name and wanted to talk to me about my unsecured debts! Told him to not phone again as I knew it was a scam as I have no debts. Another friend told me that he had received a call on his mobile whilst he was at work. He was horrified at being asked such personal questions and ended he call. I had to assure him that it was not Citizens Advice.

I checked up the number looking at You can put a phone number in and it will tell you where the call is from if known. There is also a forum and you can tell people your experience and see whether any one else has raised this issue with that number. According to the forum apparently it’s happened to a lot of others too.

We are not really sure what the scam here is but Citizens Advice will NEVER make an unsolicited call to any private individual on the off chance that you may have debts. Our strict code of confidentiality dictates that it would be wholly inappropriate to discuss private matters without first establishing that you were comfortable and able to do so in private, over the telephone.

Our service is free so you should never have to pay for debt advice. If you are asked to pay then there is no need to do so unless it is a specialist service such as an IVA (although our advice staff can refer for free IVA’s too).

If you think that you may need some help please call or follow the links on our website