Rogers Rants - Part 5

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This week we had yet another problem with a tenant of a private landlord.

Since the reduction in public sector housing over 20% of the population now rent their homes from private landlords and whilst for many there are no problems we are seeing an increasing number who are either being threatened with eviction.

These tenants often only have a six month tenancy and have less legal protection that if they were to buy a toaster. If they complain about the property or ask the landlord to conduct repairs as this client had done then they are faced with having to move home. For many there is a stark choice as to whether to put up with mould, damp, or faulty appliances or find somewhere else to live.

Our clients this week had moved into a property only to find that the heating does not work and they have now had no hot water for over a year. They have approached the landlord who to date has ignored them. They did ask if they could withhold the rent but to do that will just make them even more vulnerable.

There are legal remedies and they can complain to the council who can take enforcement action but they could well become the victims of a retaliatory eviction.

Ultimately we advised them that their best bet was to look for somewhere else and give the correct notice so that they could get their deposit back and move. Of course this means upheaval and for families with children in school or jobs where they need public transport this can severely restrict the options available to them.

If you have been affected please let us know and we may be able to help. We also have an anonymous survey on Facebook that you can complete. If you feel strongly about this please support our national campaign