Rogers Rants - Part 3

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Citizens Advice are campaigning to ensure that tenants of private landlords are given more legal protection and to stop landlords from being able to evict people just because they have complained about their housing conditions. At present tenants have more legal protection when buying a toaster than renting their homes.

Our client is suffering from cancer and lives in mobile home privately rented which is in extremely poor state of repair It has a leaking roof which means that not only is it cold and wet but he cannot use ceiling lights. There is chronic damp in bedroom and he is constantly affected by infections due to the cold and camp conditions.
He says he knows he could start action to force landlord to improve but doubts landlord would do anything about it and in any event he is too ill to start to take action. He thinks that if he did go to court that the landlord would condemn the mobile home and evict him as he would not be bothered to do nothing about it.
He wants to move, however, as he is likely to deteriorate and accommodation will become increasingly unsuitable. As he has lived there for some time and it is close to family and other facilities he is facing the choice of moving when he is so ill or staying in a property that is making him worse.
This is such a typical case of how people are constantly facing hard choices about their housing with very little legal protection or a protracted procedure which will just make matters worse.
If you are affected then you can talk to us for more help or complete our Facebook questionnaire.