Rogers Rants - Part 2

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

There has been much in the press about scams recently and unwanted calls. This is just one example that we have been involved in.

A lady in her nineties received an unsolicited telephone call offering her a Call Blocker for her telephone. She did not really know what was being offered and was somewhat confused and persuaded to buy the device. She gave the caller her bank card details so he could take the money directly from her Bank account.

The item was left on her doorstep and she returned it unopened to the address on the packaging but has heard nothing.

Our advisor used google to track down the building where she had sent the package and it appeared that the building was a serviced office. He rang the number listed on Google and spoke to someone who said that they were just the Landlady.

She confirmed that one of her tenants was a Company called Hub Europe and they sold such devices. She stated that the MD was Chris who lived in the Channel Islands.

There was no one to take a message or an answer phone so our poor client does not know whether she will get her money back or not. She is also very worried that now the company have her bank account details that they can take any other monies.

We have helped write to the company but to date have heard nothing.

Thankfully the lady has not been charged a huge amount but if this happens often enough then it is easy to see how “Chris” can live in the Channel isles. It really is time that these sort of scams and unsolicited calls were stamped out for good.

If you have been affected by a scam you want to share your story or get help please contact us.