Roger's Rants part 14

Thursday, January 19, 2017

December was a fairly busy time. Many appointments weren’t available till January and we tried to see as many clients as we could with any issues that couldn’t wait over the Christmas break.

Upstairs, our admin line rang, answered by the office manager.

‘I’d like to complain’, a man said. The manager said she was sorry to hear this, and prepared to record the details of the complaint.

‘It’s about this low sun’, he went on. ‘It’s dangerous.’

The office manager didn’t know what to say at first.

‘It shouldn’t be allowed,’ the man continued.


We are very proud that our reputation is such that we can control the elements, but unfortunately we could not help the man. We thank him for thinking of us when something needs to be done.

We also appreciate that December can be a stressful, busy time so don’t see this as a mockery – it brightened a dreary wintry day.

Taking a moment to say as well, we’re finding many people missing appointments. If you can’t make it or want to change the time, give us a ring on the number on your appointment slip.


If you do have a question – regardless of what it is or how it sounds, give us a call (03444 111 444).

We’ve heard it all.