Roger's Rants Part 11

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A client who had a large amount of debts was going to court the following day over not having  a TV licence.

I rang up the TV Licensing Authority and they said providing the Cl can buy a TV licence today and send the proof, the court case tomorrow will be cancelled. So the Cl purchased one straight away and I scanned the receipt over to the TVLA’s  email address.

However, worryingly, I got an auto-reply saying the inbox was full, and can I resend it later ?!

Luckily, I rang them back up to explain what had happened and the TVLA managed to confirm the court case for tomorrow had been withdrawn.

Not everyone may have had the funds to keep phoning the TVLA back, or may not have gotten through and may have attended court not knowing that it can be stopped if they pay, and why they need a TV licence in the first place. Whilst this was an issue on TVLA's part, it's good to know in what circumstances you need a licence for your box.

Martin Lewis on Money Saving Expert gives some advice on when and who needs a TV Licence:


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