Roger's Rants - Part 10

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I had a client the other day who received a bill from Southern Electric saying they had a bill of around £200 from their previous house. The client had cleared up all the bills before they moved so was puzzled by the bill. She rang them up and were told SSE couldn’t talk to her because the bills were in her husband’s name, and due to Data Protection, could not speak to her but only her husband. Her husband suffers from dementia, so this couldn’t be done.

The client came to us, just wanting to know why she had the bill in the first place. SSE suggested applying to the Court of Protection so they could then speak to the client. The bill being around £200 – this wasn’t worth it.

So we spoke with SSE, pointing out that if they couldn’t send her husband the bill because his wife might open it, then surely they can’t send a debt enforcement bill because she’d open that as well?!

SSE decided to clear the debt.

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