Parking in Wyre Forest: Campaign Feedback *UPDATED 7/9*

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


After looking at our survey responses, we have found:

- 17% felt that hospital car parks were too expensive (this response was unprompted as no question mentioned hosptials)

- 56% felt car park signage and markings weren't clear enough

- The amount of people who felt unconfident to challenge a parking ticket was the same amount as those who would feel confident

- 68% felt parking charges were unfair. Reasons include: charges put people off shopping in town/charges too high for small town/limited payment methods



As we near the end of August (September on Thursday!) we are rounding off our car parking campaign. Our aim was to see how people in Wyre Forest viewed car parking charges and to highlight any unfair issues.


This has resulted in sending a letter to a certain private car parking company who we have many clients come to us about, in addition to gathering the views of many locals. A round-up of views include:


  • Most felt notices and signs in car parks were not clear enough
  • Most felt car parks can be too expensive - particulary hospital car parks
  • Over half park where there is no charge
  • Most understand the need for parking charges but would like the charges to be lower 


A few people commented on the challenge of having the right change. One client suggested that ticket machines should have more ways to pay, for example a mobile phone app. Would this make it easier for you?


Once I gather the rest of the collected data I can put forward more conclusive results of the campaign and, depending on what the results bring, use the data appropriately.


Please get in touch if you have any car parking issues in Wyre Forest or need advice on a ticket you have received. This page from the national Citizens Advice website is useful: