Meet the Volunteers!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hello, my name is Tracy. I have been volunteering for Citizens’ Advice for five years. I volunteer because I believe information is power and I find empowering people by introducing them to the information they seek is the most uplifting thing I can do with my spare time.

There is no magic to what we do; we just know where to look. It is so rewarding to show clients how to access information for themselves, especially when you learn they acted on it and were able to move forwards. And for the clients who need you to do it for them, you get to see the positive impact you had right there and then.

I highly recommend volunteering for Citizens’ Advice. The knowledge you gain and the sense of self-worth are priceless.




My name is Nassi. When I received a brilliant, free, professional service and confidential help /advice from my local CAB many years ago, I promised myself to give something back to the organisation that had helped me. Here I am; I retired last year and became a grandma. I was given the opportunity to work as a volunteer: part time receptionist.

I get lots of satisfaction from being on the front line, meeting people from different cultural backgrounds, exchanging information and experiences with my colleagues.






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