Get Help from Your Energy Supplier!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Since late last year we’ve been looking at how people should be keeping warm this winter and what people’s suppliers should be doing. Allow me to give you some examples.

If you’re/someone in the household is

  • Pension age
  • Physically or mentally disabled, or recovering from an injury
  • Is deaf, blind or have communication difficulties
  • Have children under 5 (incouding pregnancy)

Then your supplier should put you on the Priority Services Register, which provides free extra services such as password protection scheme (if they visit your home they’ll use this so you know they’re genuine), bill nominee scheme, advance notification during power interruptions, and if applicable, Braille information or talking bills.

If you/someone in the household is receiving the guarantee part of pension credit, they should automatically get Warm Home Discount (£140 off your electric bill).

Sound good? Well, other people can also get it – usually if you’re on income-based benefits or are on low income but have high heating bills. Speak to your supplier to see if you’re eligible (some will have closed for this year, but it’ll good to know come Autumn).

Another grant is Cold Weather Payments which is a £25 payment per week of cold weather (below 0°). You’ll be eligible for this if you receive an income-based benefit (including Universal Credit or Pension Credit). If you think you should be getting it but aren’t, phone the Job Centre, or if you’re receiving Universal Credit, the Universal Credit helpline.

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If your house is a bit draughty and doesn’t have insulation, you may be eligible for help getting this installed for free, again, depending on your financial situation. Give ESAS a ring to see what help you can get with this. They’re the Energy Saving Advice Service, and their number is 0300 123 1234.

Always remember, if you have access to a computer then do see if you can switch energy supplier and save any money. It’s worth giving an energy saving calculator a go just to see what it suggests. Your supplier might agree to match the price shown so they don’t lose you.

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Any questions ring our Consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06