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Words with the Manager - Kitchen Issues

Monday, March 20, 2017

Last year I decided to have the kitchen in my home replaced. As part of the work we wanted to buy a new cooker and I wanted something that was going to fit the theme of the kitchen and last a long time.

The cooker I chose was very expensive and it was on offer with a reduction of 25% so I bought it before we needed it and it was finally installed about five months later.

Soon after I noticed that there was a problem with the enamel on the cooker wearing away and the company agreed to replace it. The new cooker was delivered and within five weeks it was clear that the same problem was affecting this cooker too.

This time when I contacted the company they said it must be the way that I was using the cooker and refused a replacement or refund. I was really upset as I had paid a lot of money and knew that the problem with the cooker was only going to get worse with time unless I stopped using that part of it. I tried to contact them again but they just offered suggestions and temporary solutions. I was really upset and angry.

One day in the office whilst debating what to do I looked at the consumer pages and decided to see what they advised.  The system advised that based on the information that I had entered that I was entitled to a replacement or refund.  I was able to create a template letter from the system and stated that in view of the fault that I wanted a refund.

I sent the letter and received an e mail by return giving me a reference number to talk to the retailer and collect the cooker so that I could have a full refund from the seller.  I was delighted and now have a different cooker which is working fine.

I would urge anyone to use our consumer pages the advice is excellent and the template letter really did the trick. There is advice on all sorts of consumer problems like problems with builders and car repairs too.